VIP Club

Aside from our telegram group which is free for anyone to access, We also have our own private Patreon and Discord which are exclusive to VIP members only.

The aim of this Patreon is to provide our members with reports on undervalued investment opportunities in the crypto market. 

To join follow our Patreon Page:

Important Disclaimer: 

By joining our Patron you acknowledge that you are fully aware and fully understand the following:  

1- We are normal traders and we are not in any way, shape, or form financial advisors, nor do we provide financial advice.  

2- Whatever is shared in this Patreon or our private discord group, must be followed by your own research and due diligence. 

3- You understand that cryptocurrency investing is extremely risky and in some cases can cause over 90% loss due to the volatile nature of crypto assets.

4- We will not be held responsible for any financial loss you might incur as a result of you investing in any of the projects that are shared here or in our discord. 

5- We reserve the right to ban any member if he was found to be engaging in fraudulent activity, insulting other members, insulting our team, leaking information that is only available to our members outside of this Patreon page of our Discord group.