Nerva - A CPU only CN coin


I am posting this article with the permission of Angrywasp, Nerva’s creator.

Since this is a very new project, first some technical info.
Nerva is a fork of the already well-known project Masari but also gets some code directly from Monero.
Nerva also tries many other things. The main innovation consists of the CN Adaptive algorithm and the extra fast emission of the coins.
CN Adaptive makes Nerva GPU, ASIC and Pool resistant. The fast emission on the other hand will make it finally clear what happens when a coin has only tail emissions. Many projects out there work with tail emissions, but nobody has researched what happens when this point in time is reached.

All of this gives Nerva an experimental touch, which was the intention in the first place.
Nerva also sets standards in terms of environmental friendliness.
Since every node that wants to mine has to have the complete blockchain, it is a good idea to mine Nerva on old hardware. Almost any decommissioned PC can be used to mine Nerva instead of being thrown away. No hardware ever has to be produced specifically for mining Nerva.

Nerva’s community is growing fast! It didn’t take long until the first helpers came forward with new logos, a lot of testing, support, and suggestions for further development.
Bugs are constantly being fixed and shared, especially if they affect other CN coins. Not only upstream but also into the broad. Nerva’s community has recently pointed out a bug that affected almost all CN coins, and it was promptly resolved.

All this can be summarized in Satoshi’s real vision.
I know that this term is used far too often, but this one time it is true.
To my knowledge, there is no coin out there that is technically better suited for total decentralization than Nerva. Every node is a vote - As it was always intended.

For all of you who now think, “I’ll take a closer look,” here are a few links.

An interview with Angrywasp and Rocksteady from Turtlecoin

Nervas Twitter account

You will surely find the Ann thread yourself, otherwise you would hardly read on


Excellent article. This is definitely a great project. This is truly what cryptocurrency is about.


Attention, please!
To remain one of the most decentralized coins and to guarantee the fairness of the network, Nerva will release a new version of the wallet tomorrow at (01.10.2018) UTC 02:30. All miners will have to update to the new release.
In the coming days several updates will be pushed out to safeguard Nerva’s solo CPU mining viability. These updates and their activation block heights will be communicated as soon as they are available in the discord and via Twitter.
Stay tuned, the Wasp is on guard.


What is happening? 5k sats on Tradeogre now


Nerva is now listed on CoinMarketCap.


Edit 12.01.18: Coinmarketcap have finally added total supply and market cap.
Currently rank 886 with 457,696$.


Update from the developer on Discord:


Hello fellow Astronauts.

Not only bulletproofs will be updated.
Wasp is already working on Ledger support and a working woocommerce plugin.
Lots of cool stuff is happening.
Join the discord and say hello!!


Another fork is coming!
It will happen on block 500k. Make sure to be uptodate.

Besides the ledger support, we got a few new things in this release:

  • Support for auto-detecting the optimal number of mining threads (pulled from monero)
  • Support for Monero’s latest bulletproofs which decreases tx fees and block sizes
  • Simplified terminal output to clean up the CLI
  • Ability to sync with external checkpoint file for faster syncing.
  • Batch sync is fixed. Slow syncing is now a thing of the past
  • PoW changes to increase hashrate and sync speed considerably after the next fork
  • Bug fixes affecting exchange wallets
  • Basic analytics to help nerva build a node map. Can be turned off with a flag.

Nerva can now be traded on Cratex

Have fun mining and stay decentralized! :slight_smile: