Author: Joseph G Edwards

November 24, 2021

What Does Oasis Protocol have to do with Facebook’s Metaverse?

A deep dive into the blockchain project laying the foundation for the Metaverse. Most people don’t know how valuable their online data is. It’s very common for internet users to simply click “Accept cookies” anytime they get a website prompt without bothering to read exactly what it entails. In the age of information technology, the online data of internet users is quite valuable and most […]

November 20, 2021

Celer Network On Its Way To Become The Most Used Crypto Project. Here Is Why.

Celer is a layer-two scaling solution that aims to bring blockchain technology to the mainstream by eliminating the roadblocks facing other blockchain projects. These roadblocks include scalability, complexity, and unreasonable transaction fees which many Ethereum users are currently suffering from. Celer is a massive project, and to cover the entirety of it, we would need a series of articles. This is why we will be […]