December 15, 2021

Bithotel AMA Recap

By Blue

AMA Participants:

Host: Blue

Guests: Leon, Creamy

Blue: Let’s start by knowing a little more about the team’s background.

Creamy: Sure.

Leon: Makes sense, we’ll introduce our core team.

Creamy: Bram is the CTO of Bit Hotel. A few years ago he started researching decentralized ledger technologies and began developing smart contacts on these DLTs. He published a paper on his research soon thereafter.

Our Head of Operations (Leon) has an extensive background in business development and marketing and grew brands to multiple 7-figures prior to starting his Bit Hotel journey.

Leon: We’re fully doxxed by the way 😀

Creamy, our head of partnerships, is a true digital native and has been active in the blockchain & funding space for many years to provide us with the best industry connections for ensuring success.

Bengt is one of our community thought leaders and makes sure everyone in the Bit Hotel stays up to date on the latest news, he is also a marketing genius!

Blue: Sounds awesome, How did the idea behind Bithotel come to be?

Creamy: So, there is a process behind the creation of Bit Hotel.

We see a huge gap in the market when it comes to social & community aspects of the blockchain. Currently, the only viable options are either Discord or Telegram; this mainly has to do with both the anonymity and accessibility that those platforms have.

It is no surprise that we are currently holding this AMA on Telegram. However, we are not able to express our authenticity, we all have very cool online usernames and profile pictures, but there is no immersive audiovisual component that does justice to our individuality.

The majority of the demographic using the blockchain belongs to generation Y, who grew up with those classic 8-bit graphics. In the Bit Hotel metaverse, we try to give every user individuality and an in-game identity within that 8-bit nostalgic charm.
Bit Hotel is our solution to this gap

Blue: I fall into this category, Used to play a game called Hobo hotel, which reminds me a lot of bit hotel. 

Creamy: Yeah exactly, there is some inspiration there. I think nostalgia is really something that will keep people engaged over a long time.

Blue: Could tell us a little more about the Bithotel token and where does it fall in the bit hotel metaverse?

Creamy: For sure, $BTH will be used for staking and on-platform trading. The in-game token $BHOTEL can be earned by playing and will be redeemable for NFT’s as well as grant you access to events and other in-game activities. $BTH will be needed to buy our NFTs. Which you need for our metaverse. 

Blue: What is the incentive for staking? 

Leon: Interesting question!
So staking is obviously incentivized by us in order to get more people to diamond hand! So what we’re putting up as the reward is not only a fat APR. It’s also voting rights based on the tier people are in based on their staked amount, So governance basically. 

Blue: Sounds good, Could you please tell us about the tokenomics of Bithotel?

Creamy: For sure, I think it’s probably best if I post them.

Creamy: So what is interesting is that our private rounds are being distributed over communities as well. Superlauncher was one of the first launchpads we used. selling out 350K in a couple of minutes. Private sales like these, allow the community to get access to prices that usually only VCs get. Furthermore, we are launching at a 357K market cap. 

Leon: For upcoming pre-sales, find all details at:

Blue: Has the date for public sale been announced yet?

Creamy: Yes! 22nd of December on Trustpad and Seedify. 23rd of December is our listing

Blue: Let’s talk security, have you obtained a security audit for the token? 

Leon: We make sure all code we put out is audited, let’s make that clear first and foremost. As for auditing partners, we use Solidity FInance as well as Certik. It’s part of the reason why our NFT sale has gone flawlessly and why our community is confident to take part in our ecosystem. Details of security audit can be found here:

Blue: I’m happy that you’re taking security seriously, give me even more confidence in the project. 

So, NFTS, what elements of Bithotel will be based on NFTS?

Creamy: Great question
We have Land (hotel rooms), Characters, and Furniture/Art All these are NFTs that you can purchase or earn and, they are playable and tradeable on the open market.

Here is a little teaser:

Leon: First NFT sale is almost sold out and can be found at 

Blue: Wow! this looks awesome!

Creamy: Our token interacts heavily with the NFTs, as described in the two token models described above.

Blue: So I’m seeing some interesting partners on your website, could you please tell me more about that?

Creamy: For sure! So overall the partners we have chosen, have been either to provide us with exposure, provide us with tech, and provide us with strong connections to tier 1 organizations.

Many of our partners consist of launchpads, we have 8. These include, Superlauncher, TruePNL, Lithium, Game starter, Enjinstarter, Ferrum, Trustpad, and Seedify.

We are also partnered with AltcoinBuzz, Hodl, Decubate, Fomo Chronicles, Dutch Game Studio, and more.

And it is important to see the Bit Hotel as a partnership “sponge”.
We can continue to develop different aspects of the Hotel, in which we can host DAOs, apply 3rd party tech, market other projects, etc.

Blue: What platforms we will be using to play Bithotel?

Creamy: Desktop, and android/IOS.  Web first, mobile will follow soon after. 

Blue: Could you please give us a brief overview of your road map, and where you’re currently on it?

Leon: Sure! We’d love to send people over to our whitepaper for the detailed roadmap

But it narrows down to this:

Public IDO 21-22 Dec

TGE Dec 23


Q1: Monthly INOs, Monthly Game Beta’s, and Community showcases. Q2 Game release and weekly updates. 


Blue: Will there be a Christmas NFT for people who get in the public sale? not a bad idea if you ask me. 

Creamy: On it! haha, Great idea. 

Blue: I had such a pleasure with our AMA today, and I’m looking forward to your public sale and game release.