December 13, 2021

Yay Game, The Decentralized Steam Killer & Their Major Upcoming IDO

By Blue

2021 has been the year of blockchain-based gaming. In fact, the skyrocketing interest in the coupling of blockchain and video games might suggest it’s a match made in heaven. Or at least a pairing reminiscent of peanut butter and jelly.

It has become quite common to see avid gamers develop an interest in blockchain technology. The popularity of NFTs in the gaming industry exemplifies this, as we are starting to see games become an avenue for trading a lot of rare and valuable NFTs.

Now, what is needed to take the collaboration between these two industries to the next level is a gaming marketplace. This will bridge the gap between Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and the gaming industry by giving users the opportunity to earn financial rewards from playing games they already enjoy for free. Luckily enough, that marketplace is already here and it goes by the name “Yay”!

What is Yay Games?

YAY was created for crypto traders, farmers, and gamers as a decentralized gaming marketplace that combines the features of DeFi with gaming. Yay Games is a platform that acts as a gaming marketplace to introduce a variety of games in a decentralized form

By bringing Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), ingenious in-game mining mechanics, and farming pools into casual games, Yay Games can introduce the average gamer to blockchain technology. As a result, the user will be financially rewarded based on the number of gaming sessions they’ve played, the achievements they have earned, tournaments won, and many other factors.

Mainstream adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrency has been a considerable challenge. But Yay Games has set out to change that with its innovative platform. The platform allows everyday gamers to learn about cryptocurrency and decentralized projects by offering beginner-friendly games.

The platform recently released a new project named Zeus, which facilitates initial game offerings (IGOs) of admitted projects. IGOs are essential to launching successful games as it provides a starter community and additional funding for the project. Bold Point is one of the first games admitted to the Zeus project, and their IGO was just recently announced. So what is Bold Point?

What is Boldpoint?

Bold Point is an NFT-based RPG game on the Avalanche blockchain. Non-fungible tokens are an integral part of the game as every character, item, and even achievement reward is assigned to an NFT. This means that Bold Point players essentially own any piece of the game associated with their character and equipment. 

The game offers an in-game marketplace that allows players to transact using these NFTs, including buying, selling, and loaning anything associated with an NFT. Additionally, the platform allows players to spend $BPT or $YAY tokens to mint (create) some of the rarest and strongest items available.

Bold Point players will be given a wide range of options to get the most out of this NFT game. They will be able to level up their individual characters, enhance traits, learn destructive skills, and collect battle experience to build their characters up to a point where they are strong enough to compete in the battle arena.

What’s more, Bold Point is exceptionally simple to traverse and play compared to similar gaming projects. With the help of its educational game dynamics, beginners can easily get acquainted with the world of decentralized money

This soft introduction to the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain games might just be the perfect solution to onboarding beginners into the crypto world.

What’s the Storyline Behind Bold Point? The plot of Bold Point takes the fantasy genre to an elevated level. The game broadens classic fantasy experiences by combining genre clichés with fresh themes. The majority of Bold Point’s population, which are all roughly 200 years old, are inspired by immigrants from 8th-14th century European countries, who influenced culture, architecture, and military art.

The enigmatic Ancients, a mighty magical civilization from another world, constantly fight countless foes in this enchanted region. The energy reserves of their worlds, from which they draw their magical power, have been depleted by centuries of fighting and war.